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Commentary: criticism of how 9-11 happened; criticism of how the Bush administration responded to 9-11; and criticism of how the Bush administration is still avoiding efforts to provide the public with the whole truth about September 11, 2001.

Friday, February 28, 2003

    "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq agreed Friday to begin destroying its Al Samoud 2 missiles within 24 hours, Iraqi sources said. Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix, who set the Saturday deadline, called the decision "a very significant piece of real disarmament." - Iraq to Destroy Missiles Within 24 Hours AP

    "My guess though, is that, like it or not, want it or not, America is going to go to war because that is the only solution Bush and his people can see.

    The dire prospect that opens, therefore, is that America is going to become a mega-banana republic where the army will have more and more importance in Americans' lives. It will be an ever greater and greater overlay on the American system. And before it is all over, democracy, noble and delicate as it is, may give way. My long experience with human nature - I'm 80 years old now - suggests that it is possible that fascism, not democracy, is the natural state.

    Indeed, democracy is the special condition - a condition we will be called upon to defend in the coming years. That will be enormously difficult because the combination of the corporation, the military and the complete investiture of the flag with mass spectator sports has set up a pre-fascistic atmosphere in America already.
- Gaining an Empire, Losing Democracy? by Norman Mailer

"The city had fallen. We came to the window of a house drawn by a madman. The setting sun shone on a few abandoned machines of futility. 'I remember,' someone said, 'how in ancient times one could turn a wolf into a human and then lecture it to one's heart's content."

"Wherever he is, I’m convinced that bin Laden has more to celebrate today than he did on Sept. 11, 2001. And why not? His work is being done for him by our president and the president’s Cabinet, aided and abetted by a gutless Senate and House, millions of terrified Americans, and a bevy of international opportunists. Bin Laden does not have to lift a finger or issue another statement. The administration has done the work of creating legions of people who hate and fear America, who have or will soon be profoundly hurt by this country, who see the United States as greedy, rapacious and violent. A perfect formula for creating new and probably better terrorists..." - Jill Nelson, Lust for empire,


The United States is seeking votes to support a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing war. France and Russia — both permanent council members with veto power over U.N. activities — as well as Germany are pushing a plan to continue weapons inspections for four more months.

"Of course, if you use the veto power you should fully understand the responsibilities of it before using it. It can only be used for international peace and stability," Ivanov said. "At the same time Russia will not be in favor of any new resolution which allows the use of military force directly or indirectly to solve the Iraqi issue."

Russia is ready to veto a U.S.-British resolution in the U.N. Security Council authorizing use of force against Iraq if such a step is needed to preserve "international stability," Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Friday in Bejing, China (which is another permanent U.N. Security Council member state with veto power.)

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

About Our Misleader's Sense of Commitment

"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand."

Mark Twain

Ari Gets Laughed Out of the White House Briefing Room


BuzzFlash Note: Although we didn't see this occur, we have received three separate reader accounts indicating that the White House press corps finally laughed at the absurdity of Ari Fleischer's lies, at least once.

The following is the account from one of our BuzzFlash e-mail reporters about the White House news briefing on Tuesday, February 25:

ON CSPAN - WH press conference with Ari ended just now. It's grim. Not much new but a reiteration of the "Saddam must disarm" and some hints that Saddam and other top Iraqi leaders might be assassinated if GW gives the executive decree.

Then one tidbit floated up. A reporter asked about a French report that says Bush is offering a bundle of concessions (and I think she actually said 'buying votes') to Mexico and Colombia, granting worker amnesty and so on. Ari tap-danced. Then she (the reporter) started to press the issue by saying "they (the French) are quoting two US State Dept. Diplomats that Bush intends to give work permits to Colombia and Mexico."

WOW. WOW.... Ari just drew himself up with imperious indignation and said something like "you're implying that the President is buying the votes of other nations and that's just not a consideration" or words to that effect.

And guess what happened? The whole press corps, normally sheep, broke out in laughter... sweet, derisive laughter. They kept on laughing as Ari turned on his heels and strode out. Sheesh.

Go down to White House Press Briefing (02/25/2003) and click on the video. After it buffers, play from about 28 minutes forward for context, 30 minutes forward to watch Press laugh at Ari's BIG FAT GOP LIE.

Addtional Reader Note:

Here is the excerpt from today's WH Press Briefing transcript posted at to add to the discussion about him being laughed out of the room by the usually complacent mainstream media folks.

No more whining about the French. At least they're standing up to Bush, which is more than we can say about most of the Democrats.

"God is not in the business of protecting us from harm, and no amount of good behavior will keep us safe. For evidence of this, see the cross." - Barbara Brown Taylor, Episcopal priest

“That was a stupid and dismissive remark (about the protests) and the point is that he is bringing along a world coalition that he calls a coalition of the willing when it's really a coalition of the bullied and the bribed.

The only way he's getting countries to go along with this is coming across with huge sums of money and asking leaders to overlook what is basically democratic expression in these countries.”
- Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Group

"To call someone 'anti-American', indeed to be anti-American ... is not just racist, it's a failure of the imagination."

Here's what happens when a whole country's been hijacked by incompetent unqualified former corporate executives.

The inspiration for the contributor of this graphic is the original BBC story linked here at Buzzflash

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to point out that none of the cowardly yuppies in the American media has followed up on this bombshell revelation. It seems worthy of banner headlines - "Mystery Nations Aided 9/11 Plot," for example - in the New York Times, on CNN, etc. After all, here is a powerful US Senator - the Chairman of the committee that oversees intelligence operations, the very committee that issued the report - saying that some country (or countries) actively aided the worst terrorist attack against the US.

    So which nation(s) was it? We mere mortals don't know, but we can make an educated guess about which countries it wasn't. It obviously wasn't any nation that the US government hates and would love to demonize. If it had been Iraq, for example, the report would not have been classified; it would've been personally faxed by Donald Rumsfeld to every reporter in the nation. No, the one or more facilitators of 9/11 were obviously allies, friendly countries, nations that the US doesn't want to alienate....
- more

Sleepwalking Through History

A Possible Powderkeg Developing In Northern Iraq

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

    Bush and Ari Fleischer went out of their way Thursday to cite a new survey by "Blue-Chip economists" that the economy would grow 3.3 percent this year if the president's tax cut proposal becomes law.

    That was news to the editor who assembles the economic forecast. "I don't know what he was citing," said Randell E. Moore, editor of the monthly Blue Chip Economic Forecast.

Economists' Outlook

the economy is just bushed

    consumer confidence plunged to its lowest numbers in 9 years, says cnnmoney.

    though the drop, which was far worse than economists expected (!!!!), doesn't necessarily mean consumers will stop spending, it's a sign that the economy's recovery from a recession in 2001 is being seriously tested by unusual events, including war, terror fears and bad weather.

    instead of the 77 that the conference board expected, the numbers plunged 15 points to a low low low point of 64 (the third monthly decline in a row).
- skippy the Bush kangaroo

Consumer confidence numbers are the lowest in nearly ten years, according to AP

Libertarians challenge Bush to answer 10 questions before going to war with Iraq

That's 8 more questions than 50 governors are permitted to ask him.

The Primakov Mission

Stratfor is reporting tonight that "Hussein was asked - and agreed - to cooperate fully with U.N. weapons inspectors," as reported by Interfax.

Stratfor says 'reliable sources' in the Russian "government say Hussein indeed has promised to cooperate with the inspectors' demands - including that Baghdad scrap its al Samoud 2 missile program by March 1, an announcement that sources expect to be forthcoming within days."

Moreover, the Franco-German-Russian plan for more peacekeepers has been accepted by Hussein and that Baghdad will formally invite them within the next ten days.

Stratfor is also indicating that "Hussein has asked Putin to deliver a secret offer to U.S. and British energy giants, inviting them back to Iraq as major industry players roughly 30 years after they were ousted from the country. The companies could return to Iraq immediately if Washington calls off its planned invasion." Stratfor also indicates that Blair received the idea favorably.

If all this is true it puts Bush in a serious bind. The proposal, if accepted by Washington, would effectively end any hopes that regime change could be affected and it would seriously complicate Washington's efforts to maintain a presence in the region. The proposal alone will also put more spine into the French and possibly embolden the Chinese who are not very pleased with Washington right now.

Tomorrow may not be a good day for Bush and company on the diplomatic front.

The Agonist

A regime that so clearly hates democracy at home is not about to wage war for one abroad.

North Korea Launches Missile Into Sea

    SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea launched a missile that crashed into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan on Monday, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said Tuesday.

    Yonhap, quoting an unidentified source at Seoul's Defense Ministry, said that South Korea was investigating whether the launch was a test of a new missile.

    The South Korean Defense Ministry could not immediately confirm the report, said a spokesman who wished to be identified by only as Lt. Col. Moon.

    Yonhap said South Korean authorities were investigating other details of the land-to-sea missile.

    The reported missile launch came on the eve of the inauguration of South Korea's new president, Roh Moo-hyun.

    In August 1998, North Korea fired a multistage missile that flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean, proving the Koreans can strike any part of Japan's territory.

    The following year, North Korea pledged to freeze testing of long-range missile for the duration of negotiations to improve relations.

    In recent months, fear has risen that North Korea might resume missile tests amid the standoff over North Korea's nuclear activities.

    Tension has been rising since October when U.S. officials said North Korea admitted running a clandestine nuclear weapons program.

Now, consider what Seymour Hersh has reported (below) about the relationship of North Korea and Pakistan in regards to North Korea's nuclear weapons development program. Evidently North Korea has possessed the technology to build multistage delivery systems (see missiles, see missiles fly, see missiles fly over Japan) for some time now. Once they've added a third stage booster, the insane North Korean regime shall be able to launch nuclear armed missiles at North American targets (if you don't already duly consider our military bases in Japan, S. Korea, and so forth). Is George W. Bush a completely witless idiot who's obsessed with attacking Iraq when very much more threatening foes are already well underway in their plans to enrich uranium and make nuclear warheads capable of reaching America and virtually anywhere else in between? You bet he is! Dumber even than he was before 9/11 and so are his fraudulent advisory panel of relics from past regressive administrations.

You'll find many of Seymour Hersh's New Yorker magazine article right here in their archives. Be sure to read the one titled The Getaway. It's about the Pakistani airlift evacuation of al-Queda fighters who were surrounded at Kunduz.

The New Yorker ran a much-anticipated 25,000-word article by Seymour Hersh - who won a Pulitzer for exposing the My Lai massacre in Vietnam a generation ago - charging that retired Army general Barry McCaffrey may have committed "war crimes" during the 1991 Gulf War. Hersh's most serious accusation: that McCaffrey, itching for battle, may have deliberately moved his troops well beyond the official cease-fire line and slaughtered hundreds of retreating Iraqi soldiers. Hersh's article couldn't have come at a worse time for McCaffrey, who is now the White House drug czar and the chief advocate for the administration's plan to send military advisers and materiel to Colombia.

Massacre at My Lai Homepage Seymour Hersh was the Pulizer prize winning journalist who first broke the story of the My Lai massacre to the western mainstream media.

SY HERSH: Okay, the cream of the crop of Al Qaeda caught in a town called Kunduz which is near ... it's one little village and it's a couple hundred kilometers, 150 miles from the border of Pakistan. And I learned this story frankly - through very, very clandestine operatives we have in the Delta Force...

We were operating very heavily with a small number of men, three, 400 really in the first days of the war. And suddenly one night when they had everybody cornered in Konduz - the special forces people were told there was a corridor that they could not fly in. There was a corridor sealed off - the United States military sealed off a corridor. And it was nobody could shoot anybody in this little lane that went from Konduz into Pakistan. And that's how I learned about it. I learned about it from a military guy who wanted to fly helicopters and kill people and couldn't do it that day.

JANE WALLACE: So, we had the enemy surrounded, the special forces guys are helping surround this enemy.

SY HERSH: They're whacking everybody they can whack that looks like a bad guy.

JANE WALLACE: And suddenly they're told to back off...

SY HERSH: From a certain area...

JANE WALLACE: ... and let planes fly out to Pakistan.

SY HERSH: There was about a three or four nights in which I can tell you maybe six, eight, 10, maybe 12 more - or more heavily weighted - Pakistani military planes flew out with an estimated - no less than 2,500 maybe 3,000, maybe more. I've heard as many as four or 5,000. They were not only... Al Qaeda but they were also... you see the Pakistani ISI was... the military advised us to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. There were dozens of senior Pakistani military officers including two generals who flew out.

And I also learned after I wrote this story that maybe even some of Bin Laden's immediate family were flown out on the those evacuations. We allowed them to evacuate. We had an evacuation.

JANE WALLACE: How high up was that evacuation authorized?

SY HERSH: I am here to tell you it was authorized — Donald Rumsfeld who — we'll talk about what he said later — it had to be authorized at the White House. But certainly at the Secretary of Defense level.

JANE WALLACE: The Department of Defense said to us that they were not involved and that they don't have any knowledge of that operation.

SY HERSH: That's what Rumsfeld said when they asked him about it. And he said, "Gee, really?" He said, "News to me." Which is not a denial, it's sort of interesting. You know...

JANE WALLACE: Why did we do that? Why we would put our special forces guys on the ground, surround the enemy, and then... fly him out?

SY HERSH: With al Qaeda.

JANE WALLACE: With al Qaeda. Why would we do that, assuming your story is true?

SY HERSH: We did it because the ISI asked us to do so.

JANE WALLACE: Pakistani intelligence.

SY HERSH: Absolutely.


SY HERSH: Yeah. That's why. You asked why. Because we believe Musharraf was under pressure to protect the military men of — the intelligence people from the military, ISI, that were in the field. The Pakistanis were training the Taliban, and were training al Qaeda.

When the war began, even though this is... again, you know, this is complicated. Musharraf asked, as a favor, to protect his position. If we suddenly seized, in in the field, a few dozen military soldiers, including generals, and put them in jail, and punished them, he would be under tremendous pressure from the fundamentalists at home.

So, to protect him, we perceive that it's important to protect him, he asked us... this is why when I tell you it comes at the level of Don Rumsfeld, it has to. I mean, it does. He asked-- he said, "You've got to protect me. You've got to get my people out."

The initial plan was to take out the Pakistani military. What happened is that they took out al Qaeda with them. And we had no way of stopping it. We lost control. Once there planes began to go, the Pakistanis began - thousands of al Qaeda got out. And so - we weren't able to stop it and screen it. The intent wasn't to let al Qaeda out. It was to protect the Pakistani military.

SY HERSH: What else can you do? We need the idea of some sort of country as a bulwark to what's going-- look, Afghanistan is smoking today. You know if you want another reality, the reality that nobody wants to hear about is that probably from Khandhar to Jalalabad and all of the southern part of Afghanistan is cowboy and Indian territory.

It's ISI. It's Taliban. It's Pashtun. Some al Qaeda. You know you don't find our troops... a little bit in - on the coast near - you know in the northern territories. We're... we're - we're really at square one even in Afghanistan.

JANE WALLACE: Okay, I'm gonna slow you down because you know your material very well. The northwestern part of Pakistan...

SY HERSH: Right.

JANE WALLACE: ... that borders on Afghanistan now is where the - the al Qaeda forces are said to be regrouped?

SY HERSH: Along with Kashmir. They probably are there too.

JANE WALLACE: Yes. This is where some of our American troops - we have about 8,000 left in Afghanistan, are facing some of the heaviest fighting they've seen in a year.

SY HERSH: The forces that are seeing heavy fighting are a few special forces that are there and some elite units from the 82nd Airborne. Most of our troops are just guarding bases. But we have some elite units in contact. Yes.

JANE WALLACE: What you're saying is that then part of the forces our guys are facing are forces that are being supported by or intermixed with Pakistan intelligence which is a government we support. And al Qaeda, which is supported by a government we support. In other words we're doing battle with ourselves to some degree?

SY HERSH: I'll make it better. We have reason to think, from intelligence... I haven't written this that - that the Saudi's are financing some of this all the way.

JANE WALLACE: Financing what?

SY HERSH: Saudi's put a lot of money into Pakistan to religious aspects. I'm not saying the Saudi's necessarily... the Saudi government knows that the money they're putting in is ending up supplying the forces that are in contact with our forces in the northern territories. But the fact is the Saudi's are still a supplier of a great deal of funds to Pakistan. We've got a country that's teetering on the edge, we don't want Pakistan to go Islamic. We don't want the weapons to get out of control.

JANE WALLACE: How exactly did the Pakistanis acquire nukes?

SY HERSH: They stole the technology from Europe... to basically... they used enriched uranium. Enriched uranium makes as perfectly a good a bomb as plutonium without a big nuclear reactor that anybody can see and get intelligence on. They began turning out warheads. We now know I - as they say, we estimate up to 40 - and that's just a rough guess.

JANE WALLACE: Forty warheads means what in terms of destructive power?

SY HERSH: Well, it depends the average warhead probably... takes out New York. A good chunk of New York.

JANE WALLACE: So forty warheads is a lot...


JANE WALLACE: ... for a country the size of Pakistan?

SY HERSH: I would say one isn't a lot if you can fire it. Yes, if you know how to do it and... it's a lot. They...

JANE WALLACE: So formidable, especially in a third-world country where we're not entirely sure...

SY HERSH: It could...

JANE WALLACE: ... who's in charge of the switch?

SY HERSH: Well, we'd like to think that the military and Musharraf is in charge of the switch. That makes us very happy to think that. That's the whole issue. The issue is making sure and reinforce Musharraf being in charge of the switch, which...

JANE WALLACE: But the...

SY HERSH: It's...

JANE WALLACE: ... on the...

JANE WALLACE: ... issue...

SY HERSH: ... it's a crap game. It's a roll of the dice. That's what it is.

JANE WALLACE: You reported recently that not only do the Pakistanis have the nukes, the international community knew that. That's why they were ostracized for many years, because they wouldn't stop developing their own nuclear program. So they were blackballed by the rest of the world. Forget it, we're not trading with them anymore.

They were in that position when 9/11 struck. Not only do they have these nuclear weapons, but then they go one further to put it in our face and start helping North Korea develop the same cheaper, more efficient warheads. What is that about? These are our new best friends?

SY HERSH: Well, this started before they became our new best friends. This isn't... this started in '97. What I did is I wrote about an intelligence report that the White House had for, what, eight months before it became known.

I love the story that this administration does live in a sort of a web of it's own sort of stories. They... the story they put out was last fall one of our guys goes to North Korea, the Pyongyang and... confronts the North Koreans. And they admit they have it. And we're stunned. They've admitted they have it. Something we've known they've had for a year.

What they did is in '97- they buy missiles from North Korea. The North Korean government is insane. Half the people starve and meanwhile they have a tremendously efficient missile system. They... if the leader of that country decided that he wanted to get rid of the missiles and start spending money on food, they could all live. There's enough there. But it's a madness society.

And so the North Koreans are supplying missiles for - for Pakistan for years. And in '97, Pakistan had some serious economic problems. And I can tell you right now if Pakistan's economy is in the toilet, North Korea's deep in the sewer.

So here they are. North Korea's - one of their great exports is missiles for cash and then they sell some missiles to the Paks. And the Paks come to the North Koreans in '97 and they say, "Hey guys, we can't pay. We got no money. We're broke too. But we've got something in kind. I'm giving you the most... this is actually an interpretation the community... intelligence community, some people in the American intelligence community.

And by the way, there's a lot of good people in our system. An awful lot. And they must be very frustrated with it, because I think things at the top-- it's a very strange world at the top of this government. It's a cocoon. And no bad information invited. I'm talking about in the leadership.

JANE WALLACE: What do you mean cocoon, no bad information invited?

SY HERSH: Oh, I just don't think it was hard - I don't think they could sell this story of the... I don't think the intelligence community was able to get the President and the Vice President and other people to focus on North Korea... for a year before it became known. It was just... they didn't wanna focus on it. They had other issues.

But the Paks then started giving the fruits of their 10, 15 years, 20 years of nuclear labor to the North Koreans. And you have to understand, to start with a centrifuge and some designs and get to the point where you can actually make bomb-grade material is a 12, 15 year process. The Paks...

JANE WALLACE: It's very sophisticated?

SY HERSH: Oh. The Paks cut it way down to a couple years, three, four, maybe five years.

JANE WALLACE: So you could really spin 'em out?

SY HERSH: You can kick it out. You can put it in high gear. They gave 'em prototypes of the centrifuges that they made. They gave 'em prototypes of the warheads. They gave 'em test data.

There's something called cold testing. You can actually test natural uranium in a warhead and it gives you a lot of information about the real stuff... enriched stuff would work.

JANE WALLACE: So both third-world powers become more dangerous?

SY HERSH: To put it mildly.

JANE WALLACE: Colin Powell did not deny your story. He did go out of his way to say, the Secretary of State, that Musharraf has assured the State Department that this is not happening now.

SY HERSH: Right.

JANE WALLACE: That's all - well, what do you make of that?

SY HERSH: It's the three-card Monty we have going, which is that, "What are you going to do with this guy? Are you going to say..." it's clear that some of the help that Musharraf gave the North Koreans took place after 9/11. That is a continuum.

Musharraf's answer to us was a... you know, "Oh my god. There's gambling on the premises?" You know shades of Casablanca. And, "I'll stop it right now." And we say, "Great." What else are we gonna do?

Are we gonna take a run at this guy and make it... make him more vulnerable to his critics that are there already? The fundamentalists... the Islamic... the mujahadin? So we...

JANE WALLACE: Or are we gonna pretend it didn't happen or... or at least it's stopped?

SY HERSH: ... the rationalization for pretending it didn't happen or that it's stopped... and it probably has stopped. The rationalization... first of all, why shouldn't it stop? They've got what they need already?

The rationalization is that we can't jeopardize Musharraf. We've gotta keep him going. Prop him up as much as possible.

JANE WALLACE: This is getting to be a very costly prop up.

SY HERSH: Absolutely. But you know, let me give you another... theory. Why do you think Pakistan has only helped North Korea with nuclear weapons? Why haven't they helped other countries?

JANE WALLACE: I don't know why.

SY HERSH: Well, the answer is, they probably have. They're interested in spreading it to the Third World. How much control does Musharraf have?

JANE WALLACE: Do you have any evidence?

SY HERSH: No, no. I'm just telling you... heuristically, I'm just telling you... I'm telling what I... my instinct tells me that in a perfect world, if our editor of the world's newspaper, I would want to look at our... I'd look at Pakistan and Iran, look at Pakistan and Indonesia. Look at Pakistan even and Lebanon. There's a lot of ties that I'm interested in. Are they gonna be spreading nuclear technology into the Muslim world above and beyond their own country?

JANE WALLACE: If we were really going after the people who sponsored al Qaeda, wouldn't we be bombing Pakistan?

SY HERSH: Well, it'd be attacking Pakistan is not like attacking Afghanistan, or Iraq. They have an air force. They have nuclear weapons, of course. They have a... very strong powerful Army. We're not gonna attack Pakistan. That would be... that would be an impossible chore. If you said to me, "Are we better off in Pakistan or in Iraq in terms of beating terrorism?" I would say to you... if you'd asked me that question, I would say, "No question. Let's forget about Iraq and let's focus on Pakistan and start doing... the money we're gonna spend if we go to war there, even in moving troops, if we tried to use some of that money in positive ways in Pakistan, we might be able to accomplish more than we are right now."

JANE WALLACE: The picture you are painting here is that we're dealing with the devil.

SY HERSH: It's not a perfect world. - PBS NOW broadcast transcript

ALSO read Hersh's The Getaway, which explains how and why the White House approved a secret nighttime Pakistani cargo planes airlift evacuation of al-Queda fighters from Kunduz, Afghanistan by way of a U.S. forces protected air corridor - when coalition forces had Kunduz - and likely Osama bin Laden and high-ranking lieutenants - completely surrounded!

Monday, February 24, 2003

  • John Prine

 Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore
© John

While digesting Reader's Digest
In the back of a dirty book store,
A plastic flag, with gum on the back,
Fell out on the floor.

Well, I picked it up and I ran outside
Slapped it on my window shield,
And if I could see old Betsy Ross
I'd tell her how good I feel.

But your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more.
They're already overcrowded
From your dirty little war.

Now Jesus don't like killin'
No matter what the reason's for,
And your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more. 

Well, I went to the bank this morning
And the cashier he said to me,
"If you join the Christmas club
We'll give you ten of them flags for free."

Well, I didn't mess around a bit
I took him up on what he said.
And I stuck them stickers all over my car
And one on my wife's forehead.

Repeat Chorus:

Well, I got my window shield so filled
With flags I couldn't see.
So, I ran the car upside a curb
And right into a tree.

By the time they got a doctor down
I was already dead.
And I'll never understand why the man
Standing in the Pearly Gates said...

"But your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more.
We're already overcrowded
From your dirty little war.

Now Jesus don't like killin'
No matter what the reason's for,
And your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more.


Princess Haifa al-Faisal, daughter of former King Faisal and wife of Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar. For a woman from a nation where females are not supposed to be seen or heard, she has been quite a busy little lady. The Princess was a guest at President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch on August 27th, while she provided funds that reached the pockets of two of the September 11 hijackers. Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdar, both Saudis, who skyjacked American Airlines Flight 77 and smashed it into the Pentagon, killing 184 innocents.

Dammit, George. Not only are we supposed to believe you didn't have a clue about domestic security warnings; but, we're also supposed to believe that you didn't have a clue about suspected terrorists campaigning for you, consulting with Karl Rove in the White House or financing 9/11 skyjackers while being YOUR invited guests at the phoney ranch you purchased in Crawford, Texas, in the summer of '99 prior to your selection by the impeachable Supreme Kangaroo five!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

An attempt has failed to stop last month's U.S. Senate decision to keep training the brutal Indonesian military that not only occupied East Timor for decades but also appears to have - oops - recently killed some American citizens. Sadly, the lefties at ETAN failed to convince the wrongwing-controlled Senate to stop supporting the Indonesian military forces who've been butchering East Timorese since 1975.

Stupid? Hypocritical? You bet! Supporting terrorists isn't ever successful in the war on terror. Blowback's a bitch!

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Here is the list of countries that the U.S. has bombed since the end of World War II, compiled by historian William Blum:

China 1945-46

Korea 1950-53

China 1950-53

Guatemala 1954

Indonesia 1958

Cuba 1959-60

Guatemala 1960

Congo 1964

Peru 1965

Laos 1964-73

Vietnam 1961-73

Cambodia 1969-70

Guatemala 1967-69

Grenada 1983

Libya 1986

El Salvador 1980s

Nicaragua 1980s

Panama 1989

Iraq 1991-presently

Sudan 1998

Afghanistan 1998 & 2001

Yugoslavia 1999

In how many of these instances did a democratic government, respectful of human rights, occur as a direct result? Choose one of the following:

(a) 0

(b) zero

(c) none

(d) not a one

    Carl Bernstein reserved his most stinging criticism for fellow journalists - accusing them of abandoning the search for the best obtainable version of the truth for news that sells.

    "Our stake in maintaining the myth and the attendant self-image that we are doing a great job is every bit as great a fiction as that of the American Congress serving the people," Bernstein said. "The gravest threat to the truth today may well be within our own profession."

    He cited American media's coverage of worldwide peace demonstrations last weekend as an example of news without proper context.

    "Whether we agree with those demonstrations or whether we believe they were out of line or wrong headed, these were huge events that are helping to shape what is happening in the United Nations and whether we go to war," he said. "Yet on television those demonstrations . . . were treated dismissively, condescendingly and patronizingly as if they were not important news."


    Nearly half - 46 percent to be precise - of the duct tape sold in this country is manufactured by a company in Avon, Ohio. And the founder of that company, that would be Jack Kahl, gave how much to the Republican National Committee and other GOP committees in the 2000 election cycle? Would that be more than $100,000?

    His son, John Kahl, who became CEO after his father stepped down shortly after the election, told CNBC last week that "we're seeing a doubling and tripling of our sales, particularly in certain metro markets and around the coasts and borders." The plant has "gone to a 24/7 operation, which is about a 40 percent increase" over this time last year, Kahl said. The company had more than $300 million in sales in 2001

    And Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge keeps pushing the product. "You may want to have a safe shelter for four or six hours," he told PBS's Jim Lehrer on Wednesday, "until . . . the chemical plume moves on." So "you may need that duct tape."

    Even if you don't want to suffocate in a shelter, there are myriad uses for the sticky stuff. The March Consumer Reports on Health newsletter hails a new study "indicating that; simply covering warts with duct tape . . . works significantly better than the common chemical freezing therapy. "It's worth trying," the newsletter says.

"Republican leaders in both the House and Senate are telling the Presidently privately that he is losing support in Congress for a "go it alone war" against Iraq.

"The President's war plans are in trouble, there's no doubt about that," says an advisor to House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert. "Some Republican members want a vote on military action and some of those say they would, at this point, vote against such action."

Some White House advisors are urging the President to consider complying with the UN position or to look for other "face saving" ways to avoid war with Iraq.

President Bush, however, is reported to be "hanging tough" on plans to invade Iraq, even though his closest advisors tell him such a move could be "disasterous" politically.

"The President has backed himself and the nation into a corner in a no win situation," says political scientist George Harleigh. "World opinion is against him. Public opinion polls show support eroding among Americans."

Alleged Terrorist Arrested in Florida Met With Karl Rove, Campaigned for Bush, Took Photo posing with Bush and Laura at Florida Strawberry Festival on March 12, 2000 The article doesn't mention whether alleged terrorists campaigned for Jeb in 2002.

Guess Who Was On The Board Of ABB - The Firm Which Provided North Korea With Two Nuclear Reactors

(Hint: He often lies to you about his old business acquaintance Saddam on television.)

... and on the subject of homeland squintiness, comes another revelation about Dummy Dumsfeld

Six million marched for peace last week, but the Bush Regime and the Blair Regency were unmoved by this outburst from the ignorant rabble. Instead, the righteous leaders of the "Coalition of the Willing" (or COW) declared that no power on earth will halt their holy quest to rid the world of Saddam Hussein and his chemical weapons.

Strange, then, to see one of COW's biggest bovines - Pentagon warlord Donald "Squinty" Rumsfeld - informing the dazed and docile rubber stamps of Congress of his intention to assault Iraq with, er, chemical weapons.

Rumsfeld told Congress he has asked COW head George W. Bush to sign a special waiver allowing American forces to use biochemical weapons against Iraqi troops and civilians in the upcoming stampede into Iraq, UPI reported. What's more, the COW chemicals would be launched unilaterally, as part of the standard Rules of Engagement - and not merely in retaliation for an attack with similar weapons by Hussein.

Here's the editorial cartoon that cost the artist his job - here in Bush's Ameriker

About The Bombing Of Dresden. Consider It ~ Especially While You're Still One Of The Appalling Sabre-rattlers Infesting Our Civil Society With Your Absolute Ignorance And Raw Intolerance

Saddam Did NOT Gas His Own People, As Commanderstupid-in-chief Asserts

"The Federal Reserve's greatest nightmare is that OPEC will switch its international transactions from a dollar standard to a euro standard. Iraq actually made this switch in Nov. 2000 (when the euro was worth around 80 cents), and has actually made off like a bandit considering the dollar's steady depreciation against the euro. (Note: the dollar declined 17% against the euro in 2002.)

"The real reason the Bush administration wants a puppet government in Iraq - or more importantly, the reason why the corporate-military-industrial network conglomerate wants a puppet government in Iraq - is so that it will revert back to a dollar standard and stay that way." (While also hoping to veto any wider OPEC momentum towards the euro, especially from Iran - the 2nd largest OPEC producer who is actively discussing a switch to euros for its oil exports)."
- The Real Real Reason Our Commanderidiot-in-chiefidiocy Wants War With Iraq

BRIBE, BRIBE, BRIBE: Foreign Aid Offered For Agreeing To Let Idiot-Led US Kill Iraqi Children

Friday, February 21, 2003

You'll need Quicktime to view it and some patience to download it; but, I assure you it's the most magnificent animation ever presented online. From Industrial Light+Magic, naturally.

"the united states recorded a $435.2 billion trade deficit for 2002, the largest imbalance in history, as the weak global economy set back american exports while imports of autos and other consumer goods were hitting all-time highs. in other economic news, the labor department reported thursday that inflation at the wholesale level shot up by 1.6 percent in january, the biggest increase in 13 years, led by a sharp 4.8 percent rise in energy costs." - from skippy the Bush kangaroo

    "Twenty years ago, the neo-Jungian James Hillman spoke of the need for analysis to get out of the consulting room, into the street, to see: "That the buildings are anorexic, you have to see that the language is schizogenic, that "normalcy" is manic, and medicine and business is paranoid...the whole world has to become a patient, so to speak." This is still fresh and immediate, for me. I live and work in an animus driven business called medical model psychiatry, where there is no hint of soul making, and no nod to the need for it. In fact, there's little to no acknowledgement that it even exists as a concept, much less a deep human need attended by impulses, fixations, dreams, fantasies, projections, and distortions. Passive acceptance of the soulless world, Hillman insisted, is killing us.

    Here is Hillman's definition of the terrorist, scripted two decades before our American heartbreak of 9/11: "A terrorist is a product of our education that says that fantasy is not real, that says aesthetics is just for artists, that says soul is only for priests, imagination is trivial or dangerous and for crazies, and that reality, what we must adapt to, is the external world, and that world is dead. A terrorist is a result of this whole long process of wiping out the psyche." We resoul the world as we construct the self - and this is a large measure of what it means to have a soul - making love, not war." more

On Monday, March 3rd, 2003, the first-ever world-wide theatrical event for peace will happen in a city near you. Don't miss this unique opportunity to stand up for peace in your community, and provide a humorous entree into a healthy dialogue about current affairs. Attend or help plan a reading of Lysistrata, Aristophanes' anti-war comedy, to protest the rush to war on Iraq. Many of the readings will benefit non-profit organizations working for peace and humanitarian aid in Iraq.

Lysistrata Project participants have a wide variety of backgrounds and views, but we all believe the Bush Administration's rush to war on Iraq is a bad idea. And we're taking tangible action by THINKING GLOBALLY, ACTING LOCALLY.
- Lysistrata Project: A Theatrical Act of Dissent

An Ashcroft moment, courtesy of Cowboy Kahlil

"Filling in for Eric Alterman, Michael Tomasky lays out the 10 year old evidence that's the real reason for this war - with documents.

    And, to get everyone's goat, he discusses a twin sabotage campaign working to create turmoil in the Democratic primaries.

    Some will pounce on the latter, as if it's in the same league as decimating a nation, or knocking off the UN and NATO. Let them. That's as silly as suggesting that the Rumsfelds are as bad as Osama Bin Laden.

    In a nation of 280 million people, Osama's boys are capable of killing a few thousand Americans. Rumsfeld's boy is capable of destroying every concept of America as the good guys and every civil liberty that made us free, for the 279 million, 996 thousand, 935 people left.

    Yes, there's a world of difference between the two. When the folks you hear and read speaking out in opposition to the assault on freedom start disappearing, remember this. Osama and Saddaam are sworn enemies. But they don't have the potential to destroy America. That capacity, as with any great nation, comes from within." - Cowboy Kahlil

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Create Your Very Own Terror Alerts Now with 23 attractive new shades of fear!

"The nugget of truth that former Bush economic guru Lawrence Lindsey let slip last fall shortly before he was shoved out the oval office door says it all. Momentarily forgetting that he was talking to the press and not his buddies in the White House, he admitted: "The successful prosecution of the war would be good for the economy."

    To hell with worldwide protests, an unsupportive Security Council, a diplomatically dubious Hans Blix, an Osama giddy at the prospect of a united Arab world, and a panicked populace grasping at the very slender reed of duct tape and Saran Wrap to protect itself from the inevitable terrorist blow-back - the business of America is still business.

    No one in the administration embodies this bottom line mentality more than Dick Cheney. The vice president is one of those ideological purists who never let little things like logic, morality, or mass murder interfere with the single-minded pursuit of profitability.

    His on-again, off-again relationship with the Butcher of Baghdad is a textbook example of what modern moralists condemn as "situational ethics," an extremely convenient code that allows you to do what you want when you want and still feel good about it in the morning. In the Cheney White House (let's call it what it is), anything that can be rationalized is right.

    The two were clearly on the outs back during the Gulf War, when Cheney was Secretary of Defense, and the first President Bush dubbed Saddam "Hitler revisited."

    Then Cheney moved to the private sector and suddenly things between him and Saddam warmed up considerably. With Cheney in the CEO's seat, Halliburton helped Iraq reconstruct its war-torn oil industry with $73 million worth of equipment and services - becoming Baghdad's biggest such supplier. Kinda nice how that worked out for the vice-president, really: oversee the destruction of an industry that you then profit from by rebuilding.

    When, during the 2000 campaign, Cheney was asked about his company's Iraqi escapades, he flat out denied them. But the truth remains: When it came to making a buck, Cheney apparently had no qualms about doing business with "Hitler revisited."

    And make no mistake, this wasn't a case of hard-nosed realpolitik - the rationale for Rummy's cuddly overtures to Saddam back in '83 despite his almost daily habit of gassing Iranians. That, we were told, was all about "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

    No, Cheney's company chose to do business with Saddam after the rape of Kuwait. After Scuds had been fired at Tel Aviv and Riyadh. After American soldiers had been sent home from Desert Storm in body bags.

    And in 2000, just months before pocketing his $34 million Halliburton retirement package and joining the GOP ticket, Cheney was lobbying for an end to U.N. sanctions against Saddam.

    Of course, American businessmen are nothing if not flexible. So his former cronies at Halliburton are now at the head of the line of companies expected to reap the estimated $2 billion it will take to rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure following Saddam's ouster. This burn-and-build approach to business guarantees that there will be a market for Halliburton's services as long as it has a friend in high places to periodically carpet bomb a country for it.

    In the meantime, Halliburton, among many other Pentagon contracts, has a lucrative 10-year deal to provide food services to the Army that comes with no lid on potential costs. Lenin once scoffed that "a capitalist would sell rope to his own hangman." And, while the man got more than a few things wrong, he's been proven right on this one time and time again: from Hewlett-Packard and Bechtel helping arm Saddam back in the 80s, to the good folks at Boeing, Hughes Electronics, Lockheed Martin, and Loral Space whose corporate greed helped China steal rocket and missile secrets - and point a few dozen long-range nukes our way.

    Clearly, our national interest runs a distant second when pitted against the rapacious desires of special interests and the politicians they buy with massive campaign contributions. Oil and gas companies donated $26.7 million to Bush and his fellow Republicans during the 2000 election and another $18 million in 2002. So does it really come as any surprise that Cheney's staff held secret meetings in October with executives from Exxon Mobil, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips - and, yes, Halliburton - to discuss who would get what in a post-Saddam Iraq? As they say, to the victors - and the big buck donors - go the sp-oil-s.

    Here's my bottom line: at a time of war, at what point does subverting our national security in the name of profitability turn from ugly business into high treason?" - Arianna Huffington Online

Cheney's company chose to do business with Saddam after the rape of Kuwait. After Scuds had been fired at Tel Aviv and Riyadh. After American soldiers had already been sent home from Desert Storm in body bags. And in 2000, just months before pocketing his $34 million Halliburton retirement package and joining the GOP ticket, Cheney was lobbying for an end to U.N. sanctions against Saddam.

The whole world knows Cheney was Saddam's buddy in the nineties, except for Americans because the press keep protecting this illegally-appointed White House usurper. Dick 'Lon' Cheney made millions with Saddam and then Joe Lieberman sat there in the debate and let Cheney get away with saying that he made his fortune without any help from the government?

"Zalmay Khalilzad, President Bush's special envoy to the Iraqi opposition, went to Ankara this month and told top Kurdish leaders to accept a large deployment of Turkish troops — supposedly for humanitarian relief — to enter northern Iraq after any American invasion. He also told the Kurds that they would have to give up plans for self-government, adding that hundreds of thousands of people driven from their homes by Saddam Hussein would not be able to return to them."
you must register for this one.

"The US is abandoning plans to introduce democracy in Iraq after a war to overthrow Saddam Hussein, according to Kurdish leaders who recently met American officials.

The Kurds say the decision resulted from pressure from US allies in the Middle East who fear a war will lead to radical political change in the region.

The Kurdish leaders are enraged by an American plan to occupy Iraq but largely retain the government in Baghdad. The only changes would be the replacement of President Saddam and his lieutenants with senior US military officers...."

The US appears to be returning to the policy it pursued at the end of the Gulf War in 1991. It did seek to get rid of President Saddam but wanted to avoid a radical change in Iraq. The US did not support the uprisings of Shia Muslims and Kurds because it feared a transformation in Iraqi politics that might have destabilised its allies in the Middle East or benefited Iran....

If you're pro-war, remember that you can't just support the war you hope the Bushies will fight. You don't have a choice in what they'll do, so you have to either support their war or oppose war altogether in this case.

What they do during and after the war will almost certainly be a cynical exercise that will appall dewy-eyed pro-war naifs.

Kurdish leaders enraged by 'undemocratic' American plan to occupy Iraq

thank thee No More Mister Nice Blog

U.S. troops had best watch their step because there are still minefields in Iraq left behind by the U.S. coalition forces from Pappy's last war to liberate persecuted oilfields.

The U.S. is NOT a signatory of the landmines treaty, either. Disgraceful orcs!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Given the Bush Family Empire's performance in America, just how seriously can we take their occasional flights of fancy about creating democracy in Iraq? They are speaking openly of shifting the burdens of taxation almost entirely onto those who must get up every day and work for a living, and even those who cannot make a living, and relieving the rich of any such obligations to society. They speak openly of removing whatever protections America's working people have against unsafe conditions, fraud, and broken contracts so that the wealthiest and most powerful can treat us virtually as slaves - only without the obligation to feed and house us. The administration itself is comporting itself as if it has a divine right of monarchy, and the changes it is effecting in our laws and official culture really do parallel those of the early Third Reich. If these people are so happy to accept - promote, in fact - such measures in the United States, what makes you think they have any real resistance to the idea of tyrannical leadership in Iraq? Certainly their past (and, for that matter, continuing) history in the area doesn't lend credence to their fidelity to the values of liberty for the people, in Iraq or anywhere else.

You believe in promoting freedom in Iraq? In protecting the rights and lives of its people? Well, fine, you've got a chance to prove it - in the good old US of A. Social justice begins at home, and if you don't support it there, you just plain don't support it.

How can they steal an election in 2000 using the Supreme Kangaroos, and sincerely claim to support democracy and freedom? They can't!

... unless they're planning on sending these Klowns to Iraq to select Tommy Franks to be the new Pretendident of the Iraqi States of Americlowns

Is the WTC cover-up just another motive for Bush's war with Iraq?
"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" - Groucho Marx

"Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a 1994 Senate Banking Committee investigation show that during Reagan's presidency, the United States sold Iraq anthrax, bubonic plague, and botulinum toxin, all supposedly for medical research. Over congressional opposition, Reagan sold Iraq twin-engine Bell "Huey" helicopters, which appear to have been used in his chemical attacks on the Kurds.

The Bush administration's current outrage at Saddam's crimes is bogus. If people like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, and Richard Armitage (all of whom held prominent government positions in the '80s) really cared about the Iraqi people, they wouldn't have helped Saddam brutalize them in the '80s. And, since the US doesn't care about the Iraqi people, our real motivation for war must lay elsewhere - either in a thirst for world domination, or oil, or both." - Peter Beinart, Crass Act,

"The president has been strutting around saying that the UN needed to show some backbone. Well they just did." - Eleanor Clift, speaking on the McLaughlin Group broadcast, February 16, referring to UN Security Council members' refusal to uncritically endorse the US position on Iraq.

"[Kilgore Trout, the science fiction writer] wrote a story one time about an optimistic chimpanzee who became President of the United States. He called it 'Hail to the Chief.' The chimpanzee wore a little blue blazer with brass buttons, and with the seal of the President of the United States sewed to the breast pocket. ...Everywhere he went, bands would play 'Hail to the Chief.' The chimpanzee loved it. He would bounce up and down." - from Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, published in 1973

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Satan For President In 2004

Monday, February 17, 2003

"New York, February 13, 2003 - A US-led military intervention in Iraq will trigger the collapse of Iraq's public health and food distribution system, leading to a humanitarian crisis that far exceeds the capacity of the United Nations and relief agencies, according to a report released at the U.N. by the New York-based Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR). At the same time of the release, Secretary-General Kofi Annan will address a closed session of the Security Council on the potential humanitarian consequences of war in Iraq.

"CESR will also release a set of confidential U.N. planning documents that warn of a "humanitarian emergency of exceptional scale and magnitude" based on the expected collapse of Iraq's civilian infrastructure following attacks on Iraq's electricity and transportation systems. One document estimates that 'in the event of a crisis, 30 percent of children under five would be at risk of death from malnutrition.' ..."

Is that what you rightists prefer? It certainly seems that way. I'll admit that it's certainly efficient to kill much of the Iraqi population all at once - and I know the right greatly admires efficiency.

- No More Mister Nice Blog

Germany, Russia, China and Chile "have backed the French contention that U.N. inspections are starting to work and Iraq can be disarmed peacefully." In fact, the Russian Ambassador to the U.N. is quoted as saying "I think the sense of the council is that the majority is against military action." If one wants to talk about a nation taking unilateral action to block U.N. resolutions, one should look at the resolutions that the U.S. has stood alone in opposing.

History of the World: September 2001 to February 2003

Saturday, February 15, 2003

"The plan is a disaster."

Guess who said that about the U.S. plan to put a military governor in charge of Iraq after the war, in an interview broadcast on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday?

It was Kanan Makiya - the Iraqi opposition leader whose call for a war against Saddam was meant to cause twinges of guilt at a million liberals' brunch tables. [see end of New York Times Magazine article upon registration here]. Go here and scroll to Iraqi Opposition Groups - quite a few anti-Saddam Iraqis are quite dissatisfied with the U.S. plans. The New York Times also reported on this dissatisfaction yesterday; where the Times again quotes Makiya, who expresses concern that the U.S. is trying to prevent opposition groups from holding a conference in Iraq this month, as saying, "The enemies of a democratic Iraq lie within the C.I.A. and the State Department."

- courtesy of No More Mister Nice Blog

Friday, February 14, 2003

Reality Check

Fifteen years ago, while visiting a friend in Japan, we took the train down to Hiroshima. Its a rather quiet, modern city, at least in January. Of course, we went to the Peace Museum, which documents the events surrounding that fateful day in early August, 1945. The displays are heartrending, the human toll of war undeniable. But one of the most striking effects of the exhibit has more to do with that which is missing. There are no "before" photographs of life in Hiroshima. My friend and I together surmised that, for all the shock one feels at the viewing the horror following the atomic bomb blast, seeing it in contrast might be too much for anyone to handle and stay sane.

For a couple of weeks now we've been hammered until numb with the proposed US strategy termed "shock and awe". According to a CBS News interview with the strategy's developer, Harlan Ullman:
[T]he Air Force and Navy will launch between 300 and 400 cruise missiles at targets in Iraq. As CBS News Correspondent David Martin reports, this is more than number that were launched during the entire 40 days of the first Gulf War.

On the second day, the plan calls for launching another 300 to 400 cruise missiles.

"There will not be a safe place in Baghdad," said one Pentagon official who has been briefed on the plan.

This is where we need the reality check. Iraq is about 2/3rds the size of Texas, with about the same size population (21.3 million.) A quarter of the population, 5.8 million, live within Baghdad city limits. A little comparison shopping:

New York City: 8.0 million

London: 7.4 million

Beijing: 6.6 million

Bangkok: 6.6 million

Rio de Janeiro: 6.1 million

Lahore: 5.8 million

Calcutta: 4.8 million

Los Angeles: 3.7 million

Chicago: 2.9 million

Houston: 1.9 million

(I didn't include any of the 16 cities with urban populations larger than New York.) So Baghdad is somewhere between the size of New York City and Los Angeles, population-wise. New York without Brooklyn, or Manhattan four times over. Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin, all rolled up into one.

The US and Great Britain dropped approximately 3000 tons of bombs in a two day period onto Dresden in February, 1945, killing an estimated 100,000 people, mostly women, children and old folks, mostly refugees from Eastern Europe.

"You're sitting in Baghdad and all of a sudden you're the general and 30 of your division headquarters have been wiped out. You also take the city down. By that I mean you get rid of their power, water. In 2,3,4,5 days they are physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausted," Ullman tells Martin.

There are 3 million children in Baghdad. 3,000,000. Three million.

"So that you have this simultaneous effect, rather like the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima, not taking days or weeks but in minutes," says Ullman.

The estimated population of Hiroshima in 1945 was 350,000. Over 140,000 died immediately or within months, another 60,000 within a few years.

Yes, its definitely time for a reality check.

- Wampum

"The president has not made his case in Iraq. If we're going to send our children to die in a foreign country, the most solemn obligation and responsibility of any president is to come before us and tell us why we are going to be there." - Howard Dean, the only Democratic contender who did not vote for military force in Iraq.

"Some editors and reporters in American media now see themselves as 'patriot police' engaging in jingoism and self-censorship. Throughout much of the world, the U.S. press is perceived as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the administration." - Robert Wiener, Los Angeles Times

George W. Bush has me thinking thoughts I never imagined possible. For instance: wouldn’t it be so much better if Dan Quayle were President instead.
Beyond the Wasteland

Our friend, Cowboy Kahlil gives us some compelling reasons to consider for his prediction of a forthcoming red alert status upgrade. Happy Hajj! He's also providing lots of other provocative content this day, so I may not be too productive with my own blogging today - I'll be reading his! You should at least check it out. Great any day!

"These are the days of miracle and wonder," sang Paul Simon in the 1980s. It ran through my head all morning, from out of nowhere, and I think I know why. It has to do with the impossibility, the sheer implausibility, of the facts. We are on the verge of war in the Mideast, a war springing in its modern origins from the tensions of the Arab-Israeli conflict; our president, a Texan, believes we must move on Iraq. The space shuttle that broke up today, for the first time ever, carried a Mideastern astronaut, an Israeli who won fame when he led a daring raid on a nuclear reactor in Iraq, 20 years ago. The shuttle broke up over the president's home state, Texas. The center of the debris field appears to be a little town called Palestine.

Yup. And Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy. - No More Mister Nice Blog

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Justice Ministry: Belgian court to rule on PM Sharon war crimes trial

The latest conclusion from Robert Scheer:

Depressing as it is to acknowledge, it now seems clear we are witnessing the tantrum of a woefully untutored and inexperienced president whose willfulness rises in direct proportion to his inability to comprehend a world too complex for his grasp.
- courtesy of the warm hospitable ReachMHigh Ranch of Cowboy Kahlil

Beijing joins Paris, Berlin and Moscow on Iraq stance

France has presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council aimed at solving the Iraq crisis without war. The plan foresees a significant increase in the number of weapons inspectors as well as comprehensive surveillance of Iraq from the air and on the ground by UN security forces. Further suggestions include roaming import-goods inspectors, better communication with the Baghdad government, and the creation of a new intelligence agency to help evaluate information on Iraqi arms programmes. China has added its voice to those of Germany, France, and Russia in calling for increased efforts to solve the Iraq conflict. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing said it supported every effort to reach a political solution. As permanent members of the UN Security Council, both France and China have the power to veto UN resolutions.

NATO stalemated over Iraq and all 15 European Union nations are set to attend an emergency summit aimed at forging a common EU voice on the Iraq crisis next Monday.

Wouldn't it be lovely if our country supported every effort to reach a political solution too? That's what most Americans truly want, so what is the unelected Bush bunch doing making America out to be world dominators and warmongers and being in constant material breach of the Constitution? Maybe China, Germany, France, and Russia shall liberate us from the dreaded shadow government of subterranean bunker orcs who are presently running our once-proud nation into the ground!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Monday, February 10, 2003

In April of 1937, the holy Basque city of Guernica was bombed into oblivion. The Fascists spent the next many decades denying this atrocity had ever been committed.

It's important to remember Guernica, as it's important to remember Auschwitz and the Khmer Rhouge; and just as important for us to remember Baghdad. Last time as well as this time. The photograph above is that of the original Picasso masterpiece, Guernica, which is on permanent display at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. The abstract piece depicts the nightmare that was Guernica on that April day; showing the children, their families and their animals all screaming out in horror as the visciously inhumane bombs drop upon them. A reproduction of this painting can also be viewed at the United Nations in New York City. It was installed there as a reminder. We should never forget. It is now draped and hidden from view, apparently at the request of the United States on the eve of Colin Powell's presentation urging war on Iraq.

George Bush wants us to forget Guernica because it sends the wrong message, as his Fascist Administration sets out to Guernica-ize Baghdad.
Hide the painting. Silence the poets. Don't acknowledge the millions of Americans who oppose preemptive war with Iraq on the basis of Bush's unsubstantiated and fabricated fears. What you do see or hear, hurts Bush. He'd rather the entire world accept him as a credible witness, although he's proven to be a pathological liar and each of his accusations directed at Saddam have been categorically disproven and shown to be inventions of some very incompetent bureaucrats. Manufacturing a bogus problem in order to promote their agenda's fraudulent solution, when a host of legitimate concerns and more critical threats continue to go reeling with neglect and reckless abandon.

George W. Bush would lie to you or make others in YOUR employ use the mainstream media to tell you bald-faced lies. He approves the practice of having statues and paintings draped if they aren't consistent with his propaganda, and poets against his war silenced, and he's advocating mass murder of a once-beaten long suffering defenseless third world country where nearly half the entire population is 16 years old or younger. He'll even lie to the entire world using the U.N. and the press to accomplish his bloodlust, and he's already corrupted some of America's best potential future leaders by using them like wormtongued flacks in front of the whorishly complacent mainstream media. If he's convinced you that war with Iraq is necessary and desireable, then you're a malleable obedient orc - NOT an American but a denizen of Mordor. You've forgotten Guernica, just as Bush hoped you would.

Praise for lisa who provided most of the prose and links I've paraphrased and expanded upon here.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

"No one has a corner on the truth; nor do we harbor illusions that our analysis is irrefutable or undeniable. But after watching Secretary Powell today, we are convinced that you would be well served if you widened the discussion beyond violations of Resolution 1441, and beyond the circle of those advisers clearly bent on a war for which we see no compelling reason and from which we believe the unintended consequences are likely to be catastrophic." - Ray McGovern worked as a CIA analyst for 27 years. He co-authored this article with other members of the Steering Group for Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, which includes Richard Beske, Kathleen McGrath Christison, William Christison and Patrick Eddington.

"Oh well - let's nudge a few more snippets of reference material out to folks who refuse to search out facts for themselves. The latest quote from Mr Boyne, who works for military magazine Jane's Intelligence Review, says he was "shocked his work had been used in the Government's dossier." Articles he wrote in 1997 were plagiarised for a 19-page intelligence document entitled Iraq: Its Infrastructure Of Concealment, Deception And Intimidation. He said: "I don't like to think that anything I wrote has been used for an argument for war. I am concerned because I am against the war." Folks up on the hill who would like to wander back through this and other work by Mr. Boyne can access many of Jane's military publications -- including the Intelligence Review Mr. Boyne writes for -- in the LANL Research Library." [use same link as above article for the original publication]

"So far, two authors of plagiarized - and out-of-date material presented as fresh intelligence - have shown up: Sean Boyne and Ibrahim al-Masharif. The latter's material plagiarized by the Bush administration and presented to the U.N. on Feb. 5th, 2003 was originally produced in 1990 and used in al-Masharif's post-graduate thesis in 1997. Hardly, the stuff to inspire confidence in the veracity of "fresh" intelligence is it? While not quite up to the par of Eisenhower claiming he'd never heard of a U2 spy plane - while the Soviets presented pieces of one at a press conference - it is more than clear that the politics of justifying an invasion, rather than any interest in seeking any truth, rules Powell, Blair, et al. Al-Musharif still has a bit of a sense of humor about it. He's thinking about sending Powell an invoice for his work." - from article's commentary section published Feb. 8, 2003 by The Santa Fe New Mexican.

Stop Lying George. You Started Lying When You Pretended You Were Elected and You've Been Lying Constantly Ever Since. There Aren't Any Weapons of Mass Destruction In Iraq, They Haven't Got The Capacity To Make Any, And They're NOT Connected To al-Queda You Idiot. Now Go And Bomb Your Daddy's Business Partners In Qatar and Saudi Arabia Where The Terrorists Come From, Get Financed, Hide Out In And Escape From When They're Tipped Off That They're Going To Get Caught

No Links Between Saddam and Osama Says Leaked Brit Intelligence Document

Yeah Baby! Your tax dollars ($4 BILLION of them to be exact) are being used to bribe other nations into supporting the U.S war against Iraq. While the Bush administration crows that 24 nations are on record as supporting the Bush Iraq war they secretly squander tax dollars buying the favor of these countries.

Lest we not forget, this is how Iraq got weapons of mass destruction in the first place. Bush's Daddy gave them to Iraq because they were fighting the Iranians (our enemies at the time). Now, by arming and financing other Islamic states, Bush Jr. is setting up a future Presidency to have to deal with numerous more fundamentalist wingnuts brandishing newer and more sophisticated weapons. Don't these Repressive party a-holes ever learn? - Hockeytown4ever

He also took issue with hawks in and around the administration who downplay the importance of Arab sentiment in the region. "I'm not sure which planet they live on," Retired U.S. General Zinni said, "because it isn't the one that I travel." And he challenged their suggestion that installing a new Iraqi government will not be especially difficult. "God help us," he said, "if we think this transition will occur easily." - Salon

U.S. officials who take part in torture, authorize it, or even close their eyes to it, can be prosecuted by courts anywhere in the world. - Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch

The U.N. Checks Saddam

Who Do You Trust?

Internationally known proponent of peace, Reza Baluchi, was arrested in Arizona by U.S. Border Patrol agents. Baluchi, an Iranian citizen who escaped from Iran by bicycle, and has been bicycling around the world in the name of peace has found no quarter in the U.S. where the Border Patrol considers him a "scofflaw".

Despite being welcomed throughout the world while on his 46,000 mile bicycling journey for peace, here in what used to be the beacon of freedom, Baluchi is not welcome. Yeah, Reza we know how you feel - peace and freedom are no longer welcome here and it's a damn shame. - Hockeytown4ever
I pledge allegiance to
the Constitution
Of the United States of America
And to the democracy for
which it stands:
One nation, respecting
the universe,
Indivisible in its desire
For liberty, justice and
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