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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Edmonds' Hearing Is Canceled: She's Going Public June 14th!

Some here may or may not know of Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator who blew the whistle on the 9/11 coverup. Here is an interview with her on May 7th. Well, AG Ashcroft has since had Edmonds' info retroactively classified. Could she be referring to President Bush's uncle Jonathan Bush
and the Riggs Bank scandal and the $25 million fine for a "willful, systemic" violation of anti-money-laundering laws
? And if you're so inclined you can "follow the money".

LATEST: Former FBI translator Sibel Deniz Edmonds was awaiting a June 14 court hearing to determine if she can publicly tell the full story of intelligence failures over the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. government wants her knowledge to remain a state secret.

Judge Reggie Walton has now called off the hearing - no reason cited, and no future date scheduled. The fourth time he's done this in the past two years. Sibel Edmonds will hold a press conference with Daniel Ellsberg at 3rd & Const. Ave. on Monday, June 14, at 9:30 AM in front of the Court.

Daniel Ellsberg was the insider who provided the complient media with The Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War. Perhaps Ms. Edmonds shall violate the imposed gag order and disclose that information concerning 9-11 that she feels the American people need to know... NOW!

Speaking of the 9-11 connection to multi-national money laundering and drug trafficking... here's 49 OTHER things about pork chop loving, cocaine-snorting, alcohol-drinking party animal Mohammed Atta & associates that you probably wouldn't ever know... if he hadn't led a team of supposedly Islamic militant fundamentalists to skyjack four commercial airliners three years ago this September.

"Even in Death, Reagan Adds to the National Debt".